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    Tip #1 – Get Rid of the Excuses

    Sometimes the only thing between you and your goals is the right attitude. Dinnertime is no exception. The first step to gain control over your dinner routine is to stop the negative self talk and replace that loop with words of affirmation. As the saying goes – can’t never could. So instead of “I hate cooking,” think, “I love eating.” Instead “I don’t have the time to cook,” think, “How can I make the time to cook.” Mindset is everything, and the phenomenal thing is that this is one of the few things you have complete control over.

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    Dominate Dinner

    When you take a girl who loves to cook, loves to write, and loves to help and encourage people – and let her do all those things – fun stuff starts to happen! It’s crazy how a simple idea for sharing my meal planning process – which turned into a book idea – which turned into an experiment – which dozens of people are actually doing – is actually helping folks gain control of their dinner routine. Y’all, I can’t even with how freaking excited this makes me! So I have a few updates: First, I am writing a book. I’m actually a few chapters in already. This thing is…

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    How to cook a weeknight meal

    Hot off Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie, thought I’d give my own “How To” a whirl! How to cook a weeknight meal in 1 hour and 53 minutes and 36 easy steps… Meal plan while hungry and decide to make a Greek dinner – grilled chicken and your fav orzo salad will do Overlook the fact that the orzo salad requires a TON of chopping – you like chopping! When it’s time to cook, get out ALL your ingredients and your printed recipe! You’re ready to go! Stop to get child a glass of milk. Start marinating your chicken, then boiling your water and chopping your veggies. Half way…

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    Coconut Curry Chicken

    This is one of my favorite weeknight meals – it’s pretty easy, it’s pretty quick, and it’s a crowd-pleaser. All three of my kids like it. Berkley (by far the pickiest of my children) went as far as to call it “her favorite chicken”… and coming from the child who basically lives on scrambled eggs and cereal, whoa! This curry dish a nice change of pace when you just can’t make spaghetti or tacos again. I serve mine with edamame. Enjoy! Coconut Curry Chicken  3 tbsp canola oil 1 large sweet onion, julienned 2 tsp minced garlic 2 to 3 tbsp curry powder 2 lbs chicken tenderloins, sliced into 1/2” pieces  1 tsp salt 1 tsp…

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    Raspberry Scones

    It’s a low-key weekend in the Stembridge household, which means getting caught up on housework… and baking! And since telling you all about the yummy raspberry scones I just made is much for fun than housework, alas, here I am, and the housework can wait! I first made these scones for my daughter Berkley’s tea party birthday back in December. I was a scone newbie, and so I scoured Pinterest for what appeared to be a delicious – and beginner-appropriate – scone recipe. I lucked upon this recipe and it delivered on its promise to be easy and so good. I made these again for a brunch baby shower, and…

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    Nerf War Birthday Parties

    This year our boys both opted for a Nerf War themed birthday party. With birthdays two days apart, we are always in the back-to-back birthday camp. This year was no different, although picking the same theme made turning the party so much easier (and cheaper)! If you know me, you know that an over-the-top party is my thing. It’s hard to explain the rush I get from seeing all the planning and work turn into the party of my kids’ dreams. Y’all, I know I’m a bit crazy, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s who I am… so now I just embrace the crazy! Watch out!!…

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    It’s a marathon, y’all

    Hi friends, it’s me, Jessica. It’s been a while since we chatted, and that’s been mostly because things were going well (and busy) and a little because things got rough. This journey is a marathon, and frankly, I’ve never been much of a runner. And especially not long distances. If I were a runner, I suspect I’d be a sprinter. But the monotony of running a race that seems to go on forever and ever is not my thing. Yet, here I am, jogging along and winded because I’m in this marathon, whether I like it or not. I haven’t given a health update since last August – and a…

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    A Pirate Halloween Party

    Parties are my thing. I love thinking them up, I love planning out all the details, but most of all I love the joy that they bring to others. Last year, my middle son Beckett asked if we could have a Halloween party. At the time, I had just been diagnosed with cancer, but the thought of throwing him a party the next year,  when I was to be mostly done with my treatments and hopefully feeling like myself again, was a nice goal to set. And so last night, my little guy’s wish for a Halloween party came true. We had the best time and it was magic for…

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    What’s Next

    It’s been months since I’ve “officially” updated you all on my cancer journey. Writing is weird like that – sometimes you feel inspired to write, and sometimes you just don’t.  And “just don’t” has just been my writing season recently. But there’s a lot that’s been going on with me. To start, I finished radiation this summer.  Aside from having to refrain from swimming, sunbathing, shaving my armpit or wearing deodorant, radiation was pretty easy on me. My skin was red and tender, but did not break. I felt virtually no fatigue. It served more as an every day nuisance than anything. After 33 trips to the cancer center, I…

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    Two down, one to go

    Two down, one to go… in terms of my “major” cancer treatments. For those of you who are my Facebook friends, this is old news. But for my blog friends it’s been months since an update. In early March I wrapped up chemo treatments – 6 rounds that began back in November. Last week I had a double mastectomy (without reconstruction – that will come next year). So I’m now at home recovering, mentally well, but physically still coming around. Chemo – you nasty $%@&*, I am so glad to be rid of you. You sucked. You (temporarily) stole my joy of coffee. You jacked up my finger nails. You…