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Why is dinnertime so hard?!?

If your daily dinnertime feels fresh out of Groundhog’s Day – honey, you are not alone. Dinnertime is hard! 

Last year I set out to do research to better understand what made cooking dinner so difficult. As the feedback came in, the results were loud and clear: it wasn’t so much the doing part – the cooking – but it was definitely the thinking part – the planning, the sticking to the plan, the finding the time, and most of all, the figuring out what to cook for these people (aka your fam)! 

The feedback was consistent with most problems we face in life, it’s the thinking part that gets us. Sometimes the biggest hurdles we face are our own internal struggles – the excuses, the negativity, and fear. And most the time our minds make our hurdles much bigger than they actually are, and it’s easy to get paralyzed and not move forward at all.

So how do you move forward??

1. Take a different approach than the one you’ve been failing with. Look at your dinnertime with new eyes and adopt a new framework (this is where my Dominate Dinner process can help!). 

2. Just start doing. Write the meal plan. Clear the countertops. Organize the pantry. Create a dinner rotation list. Stop thinking about it and just take a step in the right direction.

3. Don’t expect perfection. Improving your dinnertime routine is not an all or nothing game. Any progress is better than no progress. Life will happen, you’ll fall off the wagon. But there’s always next week to try again.

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Dinnertime is hard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be awesome at it! You CAN dominate dinner!

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