• Dominate Dinner

    Why is dinnertime so hard?!?

    If your daily dinnertime feels fresh out of Groundhog’s Day – honey, you are not alone. Dinnertime is hard!  Last year I set out to do research to better understand what made cooking dinner so difficult. As the feedback came in, the results were loud and clear: it wasn’t so much the doing part – the cooking – but it was definitely the thinking part – the planning, the sticking to the plan, the finding the time, and most of all, the figuring out what to cook for these people (aka your fam)!  The feedback was consistent with most problems we face in life, it’s the thinking part that gets us. Sometimes the biggest hurdles we face are our…

  • Dominate Dinner

    Tip #1 – Get Rid of the Excuses

    Sometimes the only thing between you and your goals is the right attitude. Dinnertime is no exception. The first step to gain control over your dinner routine is to stop the negative self talk and replace that loop with words of affirmation. As the saying goes – can’t never could. So instead of “I hate cooking,” think, “I love eating.” Instead “I don’t have the time to cook,” think, “How can I make the time to cook.” Mindset is everything, and the phenomenal thing is that this is one of the few things you have complete control over.

  • Kids

    We’re making progress

    A really rough day with Brogan earlier this week had me and Blake looking for some new tactics to handle our “spirited” child.  Blake found this article Parenting Your Strong Willed Child, and since it was pretty much the polar opposite of the approach we had been taking (which wasn’t working), we figured it was worth a try. So here’s the first status update: we’re making progress. The last 5 days, have, for the most part, gone pretty smoothly. And it was within those 5 days that Brogan took a Sharpie marker to 20+ locations upstairs (walls, doors, furniture, sheets, door knobs…). And how, you ask, is this going smoothly?…