Dominate Dinner

Dominate Dinner

When you take a girl who loves to cook, loves to write, and loves to help and encourage people – and let her do all those things – fun stuff starts to happen! It’s crazy how a simple idea for sharing my meal planning process – which turned into a book idea – which turned into an experiment – which dozens of people are actually doing – is actually helping folks gain control of their dinner routine. Y’all, I can’t even with how freaking excited this makes me!

So I have a few updates: First, I am writing a book. I’m actually a few chapters in already. This thing is really happening, y’all!! Second, I’m going to open up a second group of guinea pigs in the next few weeks. More to come on that when I’m ready to launch it. Third, because if I’ve got something good, I can’t help but share it, in the days ahead I’ll be giving you all a sneak peek into my process through my Top 10 Tips to Dominate Dinner – I plan to have fun with one this so stay tuned.

To take this concept where I want it to go, I need to build a tribe of folks who want to dominate dinner with me! There are a few ways you can do that: you can follow me on Instagram @jess_biscuitsncrazy, you can love, comment or share my posts, or you can actually join in and get the whole enchilada (in exchange for letting me harass you via SurveyMonkey) when I open up my next guinea pig group.

At the heart of the phrase “Dominate Dinner” is this: I want you to gain control over your dinnertime routine, reduce your stress and anxiety around meal planning and cooking, and ultimately find joy in the kitchen. I think there is so much positivity that comes from making family dinners a priority – quality time together, eating healthier, and saving money to name a few. I know we have a deep desire to feed our families well. The problem is that despite our best efforts, it can be hard to crack the code on how to execute a dinner routine in a low-stress and sustainable way. I know that dinnertime can be tough – especially when faced with barriers like full calendars, oppressive clutter, and picky eaters. But, I believe overcoming your barriers is possible! My hope is that my process can help you change the way you think about meal planning and give you the confidence to dominate dinner! So who’s IN?!?


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