A Pirate Halloween Party

Parties are my thing. I love thinking them up, I love planning out all the details, but most of all I love the joy that they bring to others.

Last year, my middle son Beckett asked if we could have a Halloween party. At the time, I had just been diagnosed with cancer, but the thought of throwing him a party the next year,  when I was to be mostly done with my treatments and hopefully feeling like myself again, was a nice goal to set.

And so last night, my little guy’s wish for a Halloween party came true. We had the best time and it was magic for all my kids and their friends.

Here are some pics from our party…


A little bit about our treasure hunt… instead of having all the kids running in a herd from clue to clue, I decided to hand each child their own clue that would lead to a piece of the treasure map. Once all the clues had been found, the map came together and the kids could go find the treasure (a chest full of candy!). Pro tip – I held on to the pieces that had the X until the end so that they wouldn’t find the treasure too early 😉DSC_3683DSC_3685DSC_3686DSC_3687DSC_3697DSC_3699DSC_3700DSC_3701DSC_3703DSC_3704DSC_3706DSC_3707DSC_3709

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