Cancer Journey,  Me

Starting the Battle

Today we received further clarity on my breast cancer diagnosis and the beginnings of a game plan. My cancer journey will include four to six months of chemo, a double mastectomy (which we’d already decided), and radiation. I received MRI results that showed some suspicious spots on my lymph nodes, one of which will be biopsied early next week. I start seeing the oncologist first thing tomorrow to learn the specifics of the chemo plan. My doctor thinks chemo may start as early as next week; she said it’s all about to move very fast and they are going to attack this hard. I’d be lying if I said that this news didn’t sting. But, after I started feeling an enlarged lymph node in my armpit a few days ago, I’ve been mentally preparing for this outcome. I am thankful that they are fast-tracking me to start the chemo as soon as possible to prevent any further spread.

Today we also told the kids about my diagnosis. We were careful with our words, but we were honest. We told them mommy has some cancer inside her, she’s going to take strong medicine that will make her sick and make her hair fall out (we clarified it was the medicine that will make me sick, not the cancer). We explained that I’d have surgery to remove the remaining cancer and then mommy would be well. We told them it is all going to be okay. Because it is – we have faith in Him that it is. They took the news remarkably well. There were no tears (from any of us), it was matter of fact. They asked a few questions, it was done in about 5 minutes and then they started back on their homework. The only voiced concern was from Beckett who didn’t want me to lose my hair. I feel ya buddy! But we tried to reassure him it was necessary and I’ll only look funny for a little while.

So how am I doing? Pretty well, all things considered. Getting over the hurdle of telling the boys was really weighing on me, so I am praising God for allowing that to go as well as it did. I feel ready to start this battle. Every day I am a little more ready to lose my hair. I’m bouncing around some ideas on how to make that part fun and a little less traumatic for me and the kids. I feel extremely blessed – not only for the peace that God has given me through this, but for all the family and friends who have been praying for me, thinking about me, calling, texting and offering to help with anything. I feel so, so loved!

Some specific prayer requests:

  • For my complete healing
  • For wisdom and discernment for my doctors as they put together my chemo plan
  • For my body to handle the chemo well
  • For continued peace for me, my family and friends

I started the day choosing power, love, self-control, courage and strength, and that is how I will end it. Fear and worry have no place here!

I’ll update you all as I know more.



  • Marie Munson

    We will b praying daily for you. May GOD wrap his arms around you and ur family in this journey.
    Stay strong and POSITIVE is so important. DAVID is a very good friend of ours.

  • Julie Hatchett

    I been praying for you and your family. I love that you are positive and strong and that is what it takes to beat this.

  • Ellen Hobbs Ross

    Hello Jessica, you don’t know me, but some very dear people to me hold you very close in their hearts. I am Ellen Hobbs Ross, your Aunt Lyn’s sister-in-law, Frank’s sister. We may have met at Laine’s wedding, but you probably don’t remember me and that’s ok.

    First, I want to say what a good blog you have and you have such a way with words!! Keep it up, I know God is using you to bless others.

    Second, I do so wish that you did not have to walk this path. I wish no one had to. I don’t know why all things can’t always be peaceful and fun and exciting and comfortable and …
    But, I do know that the God of the universe, the Creator of all, the lover of your soul is sovereign over all and completely faithful and true.

    Thirdly, I believe you are so right to tell your precious children what is going on and to let them be a part of the process. God will use that transparency to draw you all together and heal your tender hearts.

    Lastly, it is so easy to say that “I am praying that God will heal you and make it all go away”, and I do pray that through His mighty power including the knowledge that He has allowed the doctors, that your body will be healed. But, more importantly, I pray that you would invite Him into your distress and know His presence through it all. That you would surrender all to His perfect workings in your lives, and thus glorify Him as He is so worthy. Blessings be on you and your family.

  • Judy Wright

    You & your Family will remain in my prayers throughout. I believe in the power of prayer & also the power of positive energy. I admire your positive outlook. I also admire you for sharing this this journey with us. Take care sweet lady & always know, you are loved❤️

  • Judy Wright

    You & your Family will remain in my prayers throughout. I believe in the power of prayer & also the power of positive energy. I admire your positive outlook. I also admire you for sharing this this journey with us. Take care sweet lady & always know, you are loved❤️

  • Jill Pillow

    You are a little dynamo, and I just see you whipping this cancer’s behind, baking a fabulous dessert, and taking a beautiful family portrait of everyone celebrating your remission! 😁 But (of course) you have my prayers, thoughts, good vibes, etc., etc. Please keep us updated! 💝

  • Christy

    Jess, my heart breaks that you’re going through this. You’re tough but some days, you’ll have to let others be tough for you. I’m glad you are leaning on God and I’m glad you cleared the hurtle with the kids today. A 39 year old i know who was diagnosed got her head shaved as soon as she started to see signs of loss. Her and her husband did it together. It made a huge impact on her. Maybe you could recruit the boys. =) There’s a free class at WellStar by the American Cancer Society called look good feel better. You should consider it. Let me know if you would like details. And let me know if i can help with anything.

  • Celeste Jouanet

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God’s love and healing envelop you. Should you need anything, I am just a phone call away. Your oldest is in good hands and getting extra hugs 🙂
    Celeste Jouanet

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