Despite all of the kid-drama I’ve dealt with thus far with Brogan, one thing I’ve held my hat on is the fact that he and Beckett actually get along. Sure, they chase each other around and fight over toys, but you can tell that they really like each other.

But recently, Brogan has begun to exploit Beckett’s admiration… and it would seem that our oldest has found a little recruit to help execute his mischievous efforts. In short, we have entered the corruption phase.

Brogan spent a considerable amount of time this weekend “calming down” in a chair in the living room. And since he was physically unable to assault us, he calls Beckett over to him. “Beckett, do you know how to spit?” Brogan proceeds to spit in demonstration… not a full-on spit, just the really aggravating kind that sprays slobber in every direction. Beckett smiles and gladly follows the command. Spppttt. “Now go spit on mommy.” And Beckett happily walks over to me, grinning ear to ear, and spits at me. Freaking fabulous.

Blake and I looked at each other in disbelief. Was this really happening? Already? Brogan using my sweet Beckett to carryout his antics. It can’t be. But it was. And it didn’t stop at spit. Brogan tried teaching Beckett a new vocabulary of things to call Blake and me. “Beckett, go tell daddy he’s a poopy.” Again, commands from the “calm down” chair.

I suppose this is not totally outside the realm of normal. I suppose this is how it works with brothers (or siblings).  I suppose when you imprison one kid with a strong will he will find a way to get you back. And I suppose three-year-olds don’t quite understand the concept of ethics.


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