5 weeks to go…

I suppose there’s been a countdown clock going for a while, but today I hear it ticking pretty loudly. 5 weeks to go… 35 days… 16 more work days in my office… holy cow.  It’s like you spend your whole pregnancy thinking this is taking forever – and then all the sudden it’s almost over and the overwhelming feeling of all that’s left to do engulfs you. I’m there.

As I write this I’m hanging out in a hospital waiting room as my husband is in surgery to repair a hernia (a new occupational hazard, I suppose). And so hopefully our household has no need for heavy lifting for a while… yeah, there’s that.

Sometimes life is so busy that you don’t take the time to sit back and think about the enormity of certain situations or bask in the joy of others. And so while I can get caught up in the fact that the nursery’s not finished and all the Christmas shopping I’ve got to do… and ponder how in the heck I’ll be able to wrap presents on the floor in my current state of largeness… what I forget to focus on is how my whole life is about to change in 5 short weeks. In 5 weeks, I’ll have a daughter, Blake will get his daddy’s little girl and Brogan and Beckett will have a little sister. We’ll go back through sleep deprivation, our schedule will get thrown out the window and we’ll be switching from man to man coverage to zone (as my aunt who has three kids pointed out to me this weekend). But all those things will pale in comparison to the amount love and contentment we’ll feel knowing our family is complete. It’s pretty overwhelming when I really think about it.

With just weeks left to go, I also find myself feeling humbled by all of our blessings. Pregnancies don’t always go perfectly, and there are hundreds of far worse reasons I could be sitting in a hospital waiting for my husband to get out of surgery. But I’m thankful that we’ve had a healthy complication-free pregnancy, and that this is a simple outpatient procedure. I’m grateful that my boys are happy and healthy… and that we are surrounded by supportive friends and family who have already started to go out of their way to help us out. And so despite all of the chaos in our lives, the things that really matter are all good.

So I’ll keep reminding myself of these things over the next few weeks when I wonder how it is all going to get done… or when I complain about my lack of mobility or how uncomfortable it is to sleep. And regardless of how prepared we are, come December 17th (and hopefully not sooner!) we’ll get to meet Miss Berkley… and we are so, so excited!





Today was a Good Day

Today was an awesome day.  The kind of day that makes you stop and think; to reflect on life and what’s really important.  I can count on one hand the number of days I’ve had that have impacted me like today.

Today my cousin and her husband brought home their two little boys, Nathaniel (6) and Elijah (3), from Uganda.  Today these little boys left a life as orphans to come home to a family that loves them more than they will ever know.  Today these boys came to a place where they won’t be hungry, or lonely, or forgotten. Today these little boys started their new life.

As I watched Nathaniel today, taking in everything around him with so much joy and happiness, I was overwhelmed with the enormity of it all.  To think about what life used to be for them, and what it will now be is almost incomprehensible.  And what life would have been like had they not been adopted by a loving family in America.  These boys have been blessed.

Worn out from the flight, Elijah was asleep for most of our visit, but Nathaniel got to play with my boys.  When he first saw them he was so excited, it was like he was seeing a long-lost best friend.  His eyes were filled with such happiness and there was a great big smile on his face.  So between the wonderment of his new family and the awe of everything new around him, he was on cloud nine!  From riding in our stroller, the elevator at the airport and the playground at Chick-fil-a, watching him take it all in was just awesome.  My cousin likened it to the movie Elf when Buddy first gets to the city – and that was exactly what it was like!  The whole experience was simply priceless.

So today was a pretty awesome day.  My heart is overflowing with love for these little guys, and for my cousin and her husband.  They are giving these boys not just a family, but the opportunity for a future unlike anything they could have had.  The trajectory of their lives has forever been changed.  And so as I watched them today with big ole smiles on their beautiful faces, I wonder if they know just how good life is about to get.  They will be loved and sheltered and fed; they will be given guidance and an education and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams – whatever they may be.  It’s days like today that you realize how lucky your children are to be born into privilege – and that your heart breaks for the millions who are not as fortunate as Elijah and Nathaniel.  It makes me feel like there is real good in the world, and reminds me that God does truly amazing things.  I feel gratitude toward the families, like my cousin’s, who are called to rescue orphans – even if that means leaving the comforts of their life to live in a third-world country for six weeks to do it.  So today I feel blessed that I get to be a part of this amazing story, and that I will get to be a part of these little boys’ lives.  I feel blessed that my heart was opened to all this love and I am thankful for the ounce of perspective – today was a good day.

If you’re interested in my cousin’s story, you can check out their blog: Mission Adoptable

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