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    Tip #1 – Get Rid of the Excuses

    Sometimes the only thing between you and your goals is the right attitude. Dinnertime is no exception. The first step to gain control over your dinner routine is to stop the negative self talk and replace that loop with words of affirmation. As the saying goes – can’t never could. So instead of “I hate cooking,” think, “I love eating.” Instead “I don’t have the time to cook,” think, “How can I make the time to cook.” Mindset is everything, and the phenomenal thing is that this is one of the few things you have complete control over.

  • Dominate Dinner

    Dominate Dinner

    When you take a girl who loves to cook, loves to write, and loves to help and encourage people – and let her do all those things – fun stuff starts to happen! It’s crazy how a simple idea for sharing my meal planning process – which turned into a book idea – which turned into an experiment – which dozens of people are actually doing – is actually helping folks gain control of their dinner routine. Y’all, I can’t even with how freaking excited this makes me! So I have a few updates: First, I am writing a book. I’m actually a few chapters in already. This thing is…

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    How to cook a weeknight meal

    Hot off Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie, thought I’d give my own “How To” a whirl! How to cook a weeknight meal in 1 hour and 53 minutes and 36 easy steps… Meal plan while hungry and decide to make a Greek dinner – grilled chicken and your fav orzo salad will do Overlook the fact that the orzo salad requires a TON of chopping – you like chopping! When it’s time to cook, get out ALL your ingredients and your printed recipe! You’re ready to go! Stop to get child a glass of milk. Start marinating your chicken, then boiling your water and chopping your veggies. Half way…