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    Tip #7 – Get Your Meal Plan Published

    I’ve found that simply writing my meal plan in a notebook or on my planning template isn’t always enough to ensure it actually gets executed! But what does work is publishing it in a prominent place where both me and my family can easily see the plan. There are a couple of reasons I think this makes a difference: it creates accountability to actually stick to the plan, it serves as a visual reminder of the plan, it keeps the family all on the same page, and it reinforces the importance of family dinners. Have your weekly calendar start with the first day of your meal plan. I add my…

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    Tip #6 – Get a Meal Plan

    I know what some of you may be thinking – “meal planning isn’t for me”, or “I’m not a planner”. Hear me out. Unless you have limitless free time, can go to the store whenever you’d like, and don’t have activities impeding on your dinnertime, then you need to give your meals some forethought. It’s just the reality of this stage of life. One time a week, set aside 30 minutes (may be a little more at first, but it will get easier once you get in the groove) to take a look at your week ahead, consider what you have going on during dinnertime hours, decide what your dinner…

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    Tip #5 – Get Your Kitchen Stocked

    You ever get in the mood to just throw some dinner together? Then you head to the fridge and realize [shocker], you’re missing an ingredient (or four)! Not having staple ingredients on hand is so frustrating! And while I’m a big fan of already knowing what you’re going to make for dinner (and making sure you’ve got those ingredients), life happens, and it is so much less stressful when you’re prepared to be flexible! I’ve found coming up with a list of kitchen staples, and then making sure you never run out, is so helpful! Some of my essentials include: lemons, eggs, chicken stock, beef stock, garlic, onions, carrots, celery,…

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    Tip #4 – Get the Right Tools

    Having the right kitchen tools (and enough of them) can make all difference in your cooking experience! Sometimes it’s an appliance that can completely change the way you cook (like my Instant Pot!!).  Sometimes it’s as simple as having enough measuring spoons, measuring cups, cutting boards and chef knives. Having multiples of these items can end the frustration of having to stop in the middle of cooking so you can hand wash something you need. Think about the items that you may be lacking – or times you sigh from frustration because you don’t have enough. Make a plan to purchase those things! Keep in mind that if you’re switching…

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    Tip #3 – Get Organized

    Often the reason we feel overwhelmed in the kitchen is because we’re trying to operate in what I’ll affectionately call a hot mess. Clutter is oppressive, y’all! I recommend going extreme here if you really want to make a big change… this involves cleaning out your entire kitchen: the pantry, the refrigerator, your cabinets and drawers. Take each area and remove everything. Wipe it all down and then purposefully place your stuff back (like-items together!). Put the small stuff in baskets and remember labels are your friends! If you start from scratch on your cabinets and drawers (meaning you don’t already have designated spaces for like-things), use sticky notes of…

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    Tip #2 – Get a Grip on What’s Stopping You

    I’ve found that the best way to move forward is to first understand what has been stopping you. When looking at your dinnertime struggles, what are your barriers? Is it your work schedule, your kid’s after school activities, or picky eaters? Is it that your kitchen is mess, you can’t find anything, or you never have the ingredients you need on hand? The first step is to write all of your barriers down and then decide what you can and can’t control. The things you can’t control – accept them and focus on a workaround strategy. The things you can control – develop a plan to overcome those.  Some of…

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    Tip #1 – Get Rid of the Excuses

    Sometimes the only thing between you and your goals is the right attitude. Dinnertime is no exception. The first step to gain control over your dinner routine is to stop the negative self talk and replace that loop with words of affirmation. As the saying goes – can’t never could. So instead of “I hate cooking,” think, “I love eating.” Instead “I don’t have the time to cook,” think, “How can I make the time to cook.” Mindset is everything, and the phenomenal thing is that this is one of the few things you have complete control over.

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    Dominate Dinner

    When you take a girl who loves to cook, loves to write, and loves to help and encourage people – and let her do all those things – fun stuff starts to happen! It’s crazy how a simple idea for sharing my meal planning process – which turned into a book idea – which turned into an experiment – which dozens of people are actually doing – is actually helping folks gain control of their dinner routine. Y’all, I can’t even with how freaking excited this makes me! So I have a few updates: First, I am writing a book. I’m actually a few chapters in already. This thing is…

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    How to cook a weeknight meal

    Hot off Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie, thought I’d give my own “How To” a whirl! How to cook a weeknight meal in 1 hour and 53 minutes and 36 easy steps… Meal plan while hungry and decide to make a Greek dinner – grilled chicken and your fav orzo salad will do Overlook the fact that the orzo salad requires a TON of chopping – you like chopping! When it’s time to cook, get out ALL your ingredients and your printed recipe! You’re ready to go! Stop to get child a glass of milk. Start marinating your chicken, then boiling your water and chopping your veggies. Half way…