Dominate Dinner

Tip #3 – Get Organized

Often the reason we feel overwhelmed in the kitchen is because we’re trying to operate in what I’ll affectionately call a hot mess. Clutter is oppressive, y’all! I recommend going extreme here if you really want to make a big change… this involves cleaning out your entire kitchen: the pantry, the refrigerator, your cabinets and drawers. Take each area and remove everything. Wipe it all down and then purposefully place your stuff back (like-items together!). Put the small stuff in baskets and remember labels are your friends! If you start from scratch on your cabinets and drawers (meaning you don’t already have designated spaces for like-things), use sticky notes of all your kitchenware categories to plan out your space.

And don’t forget your counters! Take everything (and I mean everything!) off your counters and give them a good wipe down. Designate your primary food prep area and KEEP THAT SPACE COMPLETELY CLEAR! Only put back the items that literally have no other place to live. Clutter-free countertops will make you feel free – trust me.

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