Say what?!?

Here’s a little sampling of all the inappropriate / interesting things my three-year-old has said to me in the last couple of days. It’s like I have a teenager in a toddler’s body. No, seriously. That’s exactly what he’s like. The smart-mouth comments are relentless.

In the car today…

Brogan: Mommy, you wear me out.

Brogan: Mommy, I have had it with you! Uggghhhh…. Gosh…. Oh. My. Goodness….

Brogan: You are not being a good listener! You aren’t getting ANY MORE presents!

The other day when I wouldn’t let him push his own toast down in the toaster…

Brogan: You just took away my sunshine.

Whenever he hurts his self (stubs toe, etc.)…

Brogan: Biscuits and gravy!!!

Feeling very independent and tired of me telling him to share…

Brogan: You need to leave! This is my house and it’s all my stuff.

Ok. Well, there’s a little truth in this one. I am, in fact, living in a house smack full of his stuff.

And about 52 times in the last week…

Brogan: Don’t touch me! I Told. You. Not. To. Touch. Me!!!

Brogan: Don’t talk to me like that!

I think I need a paddle. And some Tylenol. And a beer. Lord help me with this one!



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