Do my kids have a lot to say? Yeah.

I spent the last two days traveling for work in Nashville, which meant that Blake was running a 24-hour Daddy Daycare.  I came home to the boys fed, the dishes done and the house in a pretty reasonable state – very, happy mommy! When I walked through the door tonight, I was greeted by a very concerned 3-year-old who said, “Mommy, I was worried about you!”  He gave me a hug.  “Mommy, I was so worried about you,” he said again.  He couldn’t quite articulate what he was “worried” about, but I’ll equate it to that he missed me.  It makes me smile when Brogan, and now even Beckett, says something that tells you they know more than you thought they did.  It’s like when they say, “actually” or “probably” and use it properly.  Or when they respond in a way that you would expect from their 12-year-old self… I told Brogan the other day that we were going to work on his homework from preschool, and without skipping a beat, he said, “Oh man!”  Really? How does he already have a negative attitude toward homework? Does that come hard-wired or what?  I didn’t even know he knew what the word meant, and perhaps his meaning of the word was incorrect, but nevertheless, his response cracked me up.

For Beckett, it’s the use of the word “yeah”.  The funny thing about that is his other words, like mommy, daddy and dog, all sound like baby talk (although you can still make them out).  But Beckett has recognized when you ask him a question (perhaps by the inflection in your voice) and answers in a very clear, almost big-kid voice, “yeah.”  “Beckett, do you want to watch MickeyMouse Club House?” “Yeah.” “Beckett, do you want your milk?” “Yeah.” “Beckett, is mommy the most awesome mommy ever?” “Yeah.”  Articulate and smart, that’s my boy.


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  • Glynis

    I love it. They are always full of surprises. My favorite is when the say actually. It still cracks me up and my baby is 8 but she feels 9. 🙂

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