You’re Inspiring a Blog Post

So I have a new saying in my house – you’re inspiring a blog post.  My latest remark to the things my boys (husband included) do that make me shake my head.  It came out naturally the other night when my husband Blake asked me if I’d seen his cell phone. I told him it was upstairs on my nightstand. Fast forward an hour or so and I asked him if he found his phone. His response – it’s not on your nightstand.  A couple of things to know here… 1) I have a photographic memory and 2) Blake has established a reputation for not being able to find things that are right in front of him.  I mean to tell you that if something isn’t front and center, bouncing around with a spotlight on it, he can’t find it. No lie.  So I was naturally skeptical. I followed him upstairs to investigate the situation and what do I find? His cell phone, on my nightstand, underneath a clear plastic bag. My immediate response to him? You’re inspiring a blog post.

Jess and Blake Caricature

Ever since I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, I look at my day-to-day life determining what is story-worthy.  It’s been a refreshing experience. Sometimes I have to really think about it, and sometimes I’m handed little gems like that. Thank you honey.  I began my blogging journey very open to wherever the inspiration took me. I honestly thought it would be more about food with occasional anecdotes about the kids.  So far it’s been the opposite.  A couple of contributing factors – I’ve had a lot of thoughts on the adventures of parenting floating in my head for a while, and this blog provided the platform for me to articulate them. Secondly, while I do cook most nights, it’s not always blog-worthy.  It is hard to cook a real meal when you have a screamer hanging on to your leg.  So weekday food experiments may be hard to come by.  Who knows where this thing will go. I have no idea how often I’ll post – it probably won’t be consistent. One thing I do know is that it will always be authentic. If I don’t have anything genuine to post, I just won’t post. Thank you to everyone who has given such positive feedback – this has been a great outlet so far!


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