What happened to my house?

Pre-kids, my home was reasonably put together, modernly decorated and clutter-free.  My main living space downstairs was cozy and clean, a place for everything, and everything in its place.  And then I got pregnant and started looking into the “equipment” necessary to care for a baby.  I talked to experienced mothers to figure out what we needed.  A pack-n-play, a swing, a changing station, activity mat, bouncy seat, Bumbo seat, Boppy pillows, and the list continued.  Ok, I thought, it’s a lot of stuff, but it seemed reasonable.  I’m not sure where I thought this stuff would go, but certainly not my comfy, cozy living space!  As my due date neared and we were showered with gifts, the reality of this “stuff” finally sunk in – unless I plan to spend all my time upstairs in the nursery, this “stuff” would find a home in my living room.  Initially it was a hard pill to swallow that I’d have to rearrange my perfectly placed furniture, and add clutter to a simple room. However, the changes were made amidst a pregnancy high where I was so excited for my little one to get here, I did it happily. I thought to myself, he’ll only need most of this “equipment” for the first couple of months, then we’ll put it all away and I’ll have my living room back!

Then something happened that I didn’t see coming – Christmas.  Sure, I was able to put up the pack-n-play, downsize the changing station, break down the swing, but rather than be left with the living space I once knew, the toys began their invasion. Now Brogan was the first grandchild for all three sets of our parents, and the first baby in our extended family in a long, long time… AKA spoiled rotten!  This child got everything imaginable!  Where did it go? You guessed it – my living room.  Then it was his birthday and more toys, and another Christmas, and another birthday, and well, you get the picture.  So let’s be honest, I no longer have a living room. I have a toy room with a couch and TV.  And my dinning table shares its room with a play kitchen, shopping cart, four wheeler, drums and basketball hoop.  When Beckett came along we added another layer – more baby equipment on top of the toys! But a silver lining, my furniture is now so beat up, that I almost appreciate the toys taking the attention away.  The good news is that I’ve come to terms with this change and I think I’ve been looking at the mess for so long, it’s almost like I don’t see it (denial, maybe?).  And truthfully, if the toys will keep the boys occupied and not messing with my stuff, then bring it on! In the grand scheme of things, it’s just a small sacrifice, one of many, which we as parents happily make for our kids.


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