Words of Wit and Wisdom

So I’m not sure what I expected communicating with a 3-year-old would be like before mine could talk.  But I am daily amused and amazed (and occasionally appalled) by his wit, his intellect and his sass. I think all parents go through this when their children start speaking like little adults. They’ve soaked up words and phrases from school and family members (and you) and TV, and then those little brains get to processing and they blurt out something way beyond their years.  A couple funny ones from Brogan recently… the italicized words reflect real inflection in his voice. The funniest part to me may actually be the way he says these things…

After twisting Beckett around in the swing and letting him go and watching him unwind really fast (and Beckett squealing with laughter) Brogan, in recalling the scenario to me, “Mommy, it was so funny I just died!”

Brogan was going through Blake’s toolbox, trying to find a tool that was “really, really special” to him and I told him no (we have enough tools strewn all over the house – which I explained to him). Instead of his typical M.O. (throwing an absolute fit), he got a really serious look on his face and said, “Mommy, that makes no sense!”

In response to my disciplining him, I get a battery of “that is so rude” and “the way you are talking to me is so ugly” and “the way you are acting makes me really, really sad.”

In response to me explaining that mommy and daddy are going away for the weekend and he’ll be spending time with his grandparents, aunts and uncles, “Mommy, I will be so, so, so worried about you!”

After observing me correcting Beckett for misbehaving, (in a patronizing voice) “Mommy, Beckett doesn’t know any better.”

After I’ve responded that Beckett, in fact, does know better, (in a really patronizing voice) “Mommy, sometimes Beckett doesn’t know any better, and sometimes he does know better.”

After waking up at 4:30am on a Saturday, crawling into bed with me, “I’m hungry, mommy. I want breakfast.” To which I responded, “It’s really early, go downstairs and get a snack.” “No, mommy, I don’t want snack breakfast, I want real breakfast.” (He is so my kid.)

Witty Brogan

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