Daddy Daycare

Blake has been working a ridiculous amount lately – like  4 weeks straight, no days off, some were 24-hour days where he slept under his desk.  He’s a chef at a college and with a new dining hall and the new school year just started so to say things have been crazy for him at work would be an understatement.  So today he had the day off.  With so many options for things to do on his day off, what does he do? Volunteers to take the boys to Atlanta for the day so that I could have the day to myself.  Bless this man.  I spent my day at Hobby Lobby, the hair salon and Publix (3 of my favorite places) and he spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park playing in the water fountains.  Pirates got into the aquarium today for free, so the boys were dressed for the occasion.


As Blake would say, he was “killin’ daddy daycare” all day.  I would have to agree.  The boys had fun, and they all returned home safe and sound.  However, I did get a phone call to inform me that Brogan had gone missing for about 5 minutes at the aquarium. After alerting security of the runaway child, Blake, who was standing at the front to ensure Brogan did not leave the building, located our little guy.  He was still running wild, oblivious to the fact that he had ever gone missing.  Luckily, Blake waited until he found him before calling me, so I guess all is well that ends well.  In addition to the classic Brogan runaway move, Blake got to deal with a skinned knee, a dirty diaper, getting peed on and extracting a bottle cap from our 15-month olds mouth.  He handled it all like a pro and I am very proud!  The day did necessitate a stop at the liquor store on their way home to pick up a 6-pack, but I can assure you those cold ones were well deserved.

So thank you honey for having daddy day care today, mommy really needed it!


Proof of a successful day.


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