The Rehearsal Dinner

Brogan and Beckett

So I must admit, even though my boys are only 1 and 3, I’m already thinking of the stories that will be told at their rehearsal dinners.  I’m certainly in no rush for them to grow up, let alone get married! (The thought actually gets me choked up!) But for some reason when they do something really good (and by good, I don’t really mean good) it’s like the contrasting thoughts of I can’t believe you just did that and one day we’ll all laugh at this make me think we’re telling this at your rehearsal dinner!

Now Brogan, partly because he’s older and has had more opportunity for precarious situations, and partly because he’s a special, special child, has given me the most material for his rehearsal dinner speech. He’s done really cute things like when he was potty training, and after his dad let him go potty outside (once), decided that he was advanced enough to drop his drawers, remove his diaper and pee out of our split-rail fence toward the road and within eyeshot of about five of our neighbors houses.  Blake called rehearsal dinner on this one.  Or the one day, when I got a phone call from Brogan’s preschool director who informed me that Brogan bit a little boy (second time in a week) and would therefore have to be suspended for the rest of the week (it was a Tuesday).  So when the first time (and hopefully last) your son gets suspended is when he’s two years old and in preschool, that my friends, is another rehearsal dinner worthy story.

Now let’s not get caught up on the reference to a rehearsal dinner – I fully recognize that I can’t see into the future, and have no idea if a rehearsal dinner will be a part of it or not.  But I can tell you that if it’s not, when he’s an adult, whether it be the night before a wedding or some other momentous event, his father and I will pay for a dinner, invite our closest friends and family, share stories, show pictures and laugh at all the fun we had raising this little guy.


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