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What do you want for dinner?

What do you want for dinner?  It’s a pretty simple question.  One asked with good intentions of wanting to feed my family something that they would like to eat.  My husband, bless his heart, can never seem to give me a real answer.

Me: Babe, what would you like for dinner?

Blake: I don’t care.

Me: No really, what do you want?

Blake: It doesn’t matter.

Me: I know it doesn’t matter, but what would you like to eat?

Blake: Anything you want to make.

Me: What is your favorite thing that I make?

Blake: I like it all.

Me: If we were at a restaurant, and you had to pick something off the menu, what would you pick?

Blake: I don’t know.


So since asking my husband gets me nowhere, I’ve started asking Brogan.

Me: Hey buddy, what do you want for dinner?

Brogan: Umm… umm…

Me: Do you want chicken, or salmon, or pasta?

Brogan: Umm, I think I don’t want nuffin for dinner.

Me: Nothing, really?

Brogan: No, not tonight. I just want a cupcake.

It’s just maddening.  How can such a simple question be so hard to answer?  On the bright side, my boys (Blake included) are not picky eaters. I suppose, if I was searching for a silver lining, it’d be that it’s better to have un-picky eaters who can’t make a decision than picky eaters who will only eat a couple of things.  But that sort of logic is beside the point – the non-answer answers are driving me batty!

Blake and Brogan

So I’m holding out hope for Beckett.  He’ll tell me what he wants for dinner. When he can talk, of course.


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