• Kids

    Things I never thought I’d say

    Becoming a parent means you subject yourself to new experiences – new joys, new challenges. You often find yourself in situations you could have never, ever fathomed.  And in these situations, there are things that come out of your mouth that are just crazy. Brogan has put me through the wringer over the past two weeks… which makes for some serious stress on the home-front, but hey, it gives me something to write about! (Although in all seriousness, these are not all things I’m happy to be writing about!) So here are the things my three-and-a-half year old has caused me to say as he’s been testing boundaries, pushing the…

  • Holidays

    Day 15, 16 & 17 – Toilet Paper, Guitars & Reindeer Cars

    The last couple days of Max shenanigans looked like this… We’ve been running into some trouble with Beckett – when Max is within his reach, he wants him… and sometimes grabs him, which is problematic because Brogan’s worried he’ll lose his magic. We’ve tried to explain that when little brothers don’t know any better, it’s alright, and obviously Max has not lost his magic yet. The explanation works for now. Click here to see what else our elf has done this year.