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    Hi, My Name is Bob

    We’ve been going through a little phase lately… our oldest has renamed himself Bob. You know, as in “the builder”. Upon introducing himself to anyone new, he insists that his name is Bob. Some people believe him. Until we interject – “his name is not Bob, it’s Brogan.” To which he pipes back, “No it’s not! My name is Bob!” Well okay then. This past weekend we were working a booth for our gym at a benefit festival, and he introduced himself to the MC as Bob as well. Which turned out to be funny when Brogan asked if he could sing a song using his microphone. It’s hard to…

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    My Appliqued Stockings

    I had these stockings made last year by my mother-in-law, but that was pre-blog and now I get to share them! I love, love, love these stockings! I found them at Hobby Lobby, and then had my MIL appliqué the first letter of each of our names and embroider our names through them. I loved these so much that I bought an extra stocking and more fabric just in case our family needs five one day 😉