Dominate Dinner

Tip #8 – Get Your Groceries Once a Week

Perhaps one of my biggest time savers is this tip. If you have a meal plan, you can make the switch to grocery shop once a week. Having groceries on hand has been the single most improvement noted by the folks who have been using my process. Knowing what you’re going to cook and having everything you need already in your kitchen removes so many of the hurdles to cooking. It means when it’s time to cook dinner, you can literally just cook dinner. Not try to think about what to cook… not have to run to the store real quick… just cook. Pick a day that works best with your schedule and do one big haul. Better yet, if it’s available in your area, check out grocery delivery. Like seriously. I’ve saved over 160 hours in the last two years that I’ve been using Instacart. Not only does it save me time, I’ve found that I save money (even with my annual fee and tipping my shoppers!). This is because I can see my running total in the app and make sure I stay within my weekly budget, and it virtually removes the inevitable impulse buy. 

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