Day 12, 13 and 14 – Coffee, Ice Cubes and Cookies

I’m a couple of days behind… and then figured I’d go ahead and give the sneak preview on what Max is up to tonight.

Day 12 – Max has been pulling some late nights getting in to all this trouble and needed a caffeine fix.

12 - Coffee Drinker

Day 13 – Max nearly turned into an ice cube! Lucky for him, his head was too big to fit into the cube, so he’s only partially frozen. When Brogan asked if he was cold, I reminded him that Max is from the North Pole where it is much colder than it is in our freezer. Made sense to him.

13 - Ice Cube

Day 14 – Sneak peak… being up this late I got to see what Max has been up to tonight. Making “elf cookies” with Play Doh. Brogan is going to love this one!

14 - Elf Cookies


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