The 2nd Kid

With my first son Brogan, I was on top of things! I was ready for and anticipating every milestone, eager for him to sit up, eat solid food, start crawling, start walking, start talking, you name it. He had a strict nap schedule that we didn’t mess with; we read him a book every night. I was very germ aware – he never sat in a grocery cart or restaurant high chair without the fancy cover. Eating day old puffs off the floor was strictly prohibited. I had angst watching him crawl across a not-quite-spotless floor, cringed when he put random things in his mouth.  And then my second son came along.  My friends with more than one child told me I wouldn’t care as much about these things with the second one. I distinctly remember thinking, well maybe you didn’t care, but I know I will!  Turns out they were right. I realized there was no humanly way possible I could worry about all those things and still be sane enough to take care of the basics. Beckett spent a lot more time in his bouncy seat (although this was partially to prevent his brother from trampling him), he doesn’t get a book every night, I let him eat food off of the table at a restaurant (if I’m being honest, sometimes it gets a once over with a baby wipe, sometimes it doesn’t), he has never sat in a shopping cart cover, he eats food that has fallen on the floor, I take him out of the house with no shoes, and the list goes on.  I couldn’t keep up with his milestones either. One day I would think to myself, crap, he’s 6 months old and I haven’t started feeding him baby food yet. Or crap, he’s 9 months and he’s been in the bouncy seat so much he can’t crawl! Or more recently, at 12 months realizing he had never drank out of a sippy cup. But what I’ve come to realize is that even when all of these things that you “should” do don’t happen, as long as they are healthy and loved, it will all be okay.
2nd kid

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! My sister still tells me that I’m way too lax with Kenslee and she can remember how crazy uptight I was with Kayden. Well, it takes time to realize that our children are more resilient then we know and that we aren’t “bad moms” for letting them eat food off the floor on occasion or walk barefoot in public.

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