A Backyard Camping Adventure

So last night, after putting Brogan to bed, Blake tells me he has an idea.  He smirks and gives me a look that means you’re probably going to think I’m crazy, but… he wants to take the boys camping in our backyard.  My first question was if he just saw the Folgers commercial, to which he answered uh, no.  Much to his surprise, I actually thought it was a great idea and I knew Brogan would love it!  I immediately recused myself from participation (not that I’m sure I was even invited), since I really enjoy sleeping in my bed and was looking at this outing as a chance for a night off.

Now, you must know, we are not campers.  I haven’t been camping since I was in college, and in the eight years that Blake and I have been together, he has not been camping either.  We don’t have any of the gear (well, minus one sleeping bag that we acquired somewhere along the way).  So this adventure was going to require a purchase or two (or three).  Blake starts spouting off the things he’ll need to get – a tent, sleeping bags for the boys, stuff for smores, firewood and an air mattress (to which I gave him “the look” and told him he was inspiring a blog post!).  Let me give you a little insight into Blake’s track history with big ideas.  He gets really excited about an idea, and before I know it, he has jumped in with both feet and is typically spending too much money at Home Depot.  Like the one time he called me at work and said, “hey, let’s start a garden”, and I said “sure”.  And I got home to discover Blake had bought a tiller, already tilled up a 30’ x 15’ section of our backyard, fenced it with chicken wire and had the seeds of a dozen different veggies ready for us to plant.  No lie.  You have to admire his enthusiasm and motivation!  Love him.  So, in comparison, this short list for a fun time with our sons got my stamp of approval.

The big camping adventure was tonight.  Blake got home from work, put up the tent, started a fire and we hung out roasting marshmallows and making smores.  So much fun.  Couldn’t quite relax, as my very clumsy little boys kept getting a little too close to the fire for my comfort, but all in all such a nice family night.  Blake wanted to try having both boys sleep outside, but Beckett was having none of the tent!  So this adventure will just be Brogan and daddy’s.  Aside from one text to bring out a drink, it’s been pretty quiet out there.  Not sure if they’ll make it all night, but I know regardless of if they do, Brogan will never forget it… and probably ask his dad to do it again every weekend.  That little guy has a great memory and no shame in bugging the you-know-what out of someone.  So glad we’ve established that daddy sleeps in tents, and mommy doesn’t.

Oh, and I’m happy to report that Blake opted out of the air mattress purchase (“the look” works every most of the time).







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