It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Time!

So this year, Blake and I both had company Christmas parties with an ugly Christmas sweater theme. I go big or go home, so it had to be perfect. And so when I stumbled upon a couple’s sweater concept that included one end of the a reindeer barfing holiday cheer, and the other end crapping it, I knew I couldn’t go wrong. And so you have our ugly sweaters…

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater

I picked up the sweat shirts at Wal-Mart. I cut out the reindeer from a canvas brown fabric in 8 pieces (head, torso, bottom, tail and 4 legs). The antlers and feet are felt. I initially thought I would iron on the fabric, but it didn’t seem sturdy, so I stitched it using a multi-colored cross stitch thread. I hot glued everything else. I bought all of the decorations at the dollar store – it’s a mix of clay Christmas ornaments, metallic table scatter trees and snowflakes and then some glitter covered holly leaves and angels. I worked about an hour on it each night for a week but it was well worth it! And while we didn’t win either of our sweater competitions (we failed to properly promote our sweaters), I was very pleased with the final product.

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Day 11 – Bandaid Bandit

Max got the inspiration for this stunt from Brogan – my child who has been known to wake up in the middle of the night and adorn himself with bandaids (and gloves too). So imagine Brogan’s excitement when our elf was up to his own tricks!

11 - Bandaid Bandit

Brogan bandaid


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Day 10 – Max the Mummy

Ole Max turned into a mummy last night.

10 - Max the Mummy

I wasn’t home when Brogan woke up this morning to get his initial reaction, but this afternoon when I asked him what Max had done, he said, “Mommy, you won’t believe it!! Max is a mummy!”

Making Christmas time magical for him (and Beckett – although he doesn’t quite get what’s going on) is just so awesome!

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Day 9 – Beach Day

So Max (and me) have been a little jealous of all my Florida friends and family posting pictures at the beach and on the lake in 80-degree weather (in December!!) while we’re in day 8 of rain and it’s 42 degrees. Well Max decided it was time for a little beach getaway…

9 - At the Beach

When Brogan saw Max, he promptly decided he’d taste the sand (so glad Max opted for brown sugar!).

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Day 8 – Carnival Ride

We think Max has lost his mind… he turned our fan into a carnival ride!

8 - Carnival Ride

The boys were both pretty amazed at this one. Beckett would just stand in the living room looking up at all these swinging toys and grin. Too fun! 🙂

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Day 6 – Strung Up

Our elf got into a bit of a pickle last night… seems as though the green army men got the best of him.  Not to worry, we’re pretty sure Max can get out of it!

6 - High Strung

Brogan was amazed with this one! But the awe and wonder wore off just as soon as he realized he couldn’t play with his dump truck for the day (notice it is what’s holding the rope Max is swinging by). Perhaps Max can get a clue and stop messing with Brogan’s favorite things. Or not, because after all, it’s not like Brogan does what he’s told. 🙂

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Day 5 – Chocolate War

So our elf got into a little chocolate combat with some of his friends last night…

5 - Chocolate War

While initially excited, when Brogan discovered that Max had used all of his Oreos to build his fortress, he was slightly miffed. Oops.

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My Appliqued Stockings

I had these stockings made last year by my mother-in-law, but that was pre-blog and now I get to share them! I love, love, love these stockings! I found them at Hobby Lobby, and then had my MIL appliqué the first letter of each of our names and embroider our names through them. I loved these so much that I bought an extra stocking and more fabric just in case our family needs five one day 😉

Appliquéd and Embroidered Stockings

Appliqued and Embroidered Stocking - Blake

Appliqued and Embroidered Stocking - Brogan

Appliqued and Embroidered Stocking - Jessica

Appliqued and Embroidered Stocking - Beckett

Day 3 – Paper Sack Race

Max decided to have a paper sack race with some of his buddies. Ole’ Woody got a little competitive at the end, but Max pulled off a win.

Unfortunately my boys were pretty sick today (they’ve got the flu!!), so Brogan wasn’t as excited about Max as he has been. They’ll be better soon and be back in the holiday spirit.

Paper Sack Race

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